Virtual Summit on Deepfake Abuse

3:15 pm

Gibi presents: YouTubers Against Deepfake Abuse

A discussion between YouTubers targeted by non-consensual deepfakes, educating on the effects of deepfake abuse, what it means to be a woman pursuing a career online and combating the sites profiting off the culture of non-consensual deepfakes.
Speakers: Gibi (ASMR artist and YouTuber),
Gibi (ASMR artist and YouTuber)
Gibi (any pronouns) is an American YouTube creator who has been producing ASMR videos since 2016. With over 1,000 videos and 4.9 million subscribers, Gibi's content consists of the combination of both entertainment and relaxation - with a personal focus on hosting a safe and respectful community.
Jinx (ASMR artist and YouTuber),
Jinx (ASMR artist and YouTuber)
Jinx is a content creator best known for her ASMR videos on YouTube as well as her cosplays on Instagram, since 2018. She often combines the two to create relaxing videos for over 500,000 subscribers. She continues to create content while simultaneously working on new ways to make online environments safer for fellow creators.
Reuben Hamlyn (#MyImageMyChoice, Moderator),
Reuben Hamlyn (#MyImageMyChoice, Moderator)
Reuben Hamlyn is a New York-based writer/director and editor from London. His first feature as a director, ANOTHER BODY, is a documentary that follows a deepfake abuse survivor’s pursuit of answers & justice. He is the co-founder of My Image My Choice. Reuben's previous short film, ROGER, was commissioned by the BFI and BBC Arts, noted as a 'highlight' by the Guardian and winner of multiple awards.