Virtual Summit on Deepfake Abuse

12:15 pm

The True Cost of Deepfake Abuse

A keynote discussion focusing on the impact of deepfake abuse on society.
Speakers: Noelle Martin,
Noelle Martin
Noelle Martin is a Pre-Doctoral Candidate in the UWA Tech & Policy Lab, co-supported by the UCLA Center on Race & Digital Justice. She researches the use and abuse of technologies of human replication, from deepfakes to generative AI to immersive AR/VR tech, drawing on her experience as an activist and survivor of technology-facilitated abuse.
Sophia Bush,
Sophia Bush
Acclaimed actress, producer, activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, General Partner and investor in Union Heritage Ventures, a majority African American + women-owned capital firm. She hosts the popular podcasts, “Work In Progress with Sophia Bush” & “Drama Queens.” Bush spent the last two decades raising awareness for various causes and devotes her free time to democratic advocacy and civic engagement.