Virtual Summit on Deepfake Abuse

1:15 pm

The New Frontier of Tech Solutions to Deepfake Abuse

Lightning Talk
Speakers: Rebecca Portnoff (Thorn),
Rebecca Portnoff (Thorn)
Dr. Rebecca Portnoff, VP of Data Science at Thorn, has dedicated her career to combatting child sexual abuse. The AI her team builds is used globally by LE, hotlines and tech companies. She tackles emerging threats against children via novel research and collaborations. She holds a B.S.E. from Princeton and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, both in Computer Science.
Breeze Liu (Alecto AI),
Breeze Liu (Alecto AI)
Breeze is a survivor of online image abuse and Deepfake generated Pornography attacks. In her darkest hour, she couldn’t find any reliable technology to resolve her issue, knowing there are millions in the world suffering from the same problem, she decided to create her own solution: Alecto AI, an online identity infrastructure
Sigurdur Ragnarsson (Videntifier Technologies),
Sigurdur Ragnarsson (Videntifier Technologies)
Sigurdur Ragnarsson, based in Iceland, is the CEO and a Engineering Manager at Videntifier Technologies. Videntifier's identification technology and extensive hash database works together to create a comprehensive video and image matching solution, equipping organizations with complete visibility and control over visual content.