Virtual Summit on Deepfake Abuse

3:45 pm

Global Perspectives on Deepfakes

A discussion of the effect of deepfake abuse in different geographic contexts, and the different campaigns and solutions being advanced across the world.
Speakers: Soyoung Park (KCSC, Moderator),
Soyoung Park (KCSC, Moderator)
Soyoung Park is the Manager at the Digital Sex Crime Content Review Bureau of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), an independent statutory organization that regulates media content in the Republic of Korea.
Tsitsi Matekaire (Equality Now),
Tsitsi Matekaire (Equality Now)
Tsitsi Matekaire is a human rights lawyer and Equality Now’s Global Lead for Ending Sexual Exploitation. She is a co-author of Equality Now’s report: Addressing Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: A Call for International Standards, and is also co-author of “How Lifelong Discrimination and Legal Inequality Facilitate Sex Trafficking in Women and Girls."
Dr. Silvia Semenzin (University Complutense Madrid),
Dr. Silvia Semenzin (University Complutense Madrid)
Silvia is a a Post-doctoral researcher in Digital Sociology at the University Complutense of Madrid (Faculty of Computer Science). Silvia's passion lies at the intersection of emerging technologies and humanity. I am an expert in technological-mediated social discrimination, with particular attention to online gender-based violence.
Barsha Chakraborty (Breakthrough India),
Barsha Chakraborty (Breakthrough India)
Barsha Chakraborty, Deputy Director (Media), Breakthrough, India